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About Us

The Super Star Story



Ozell L. Banks II founded Super Star Products in 2015 with a firm commitment to assist in improving the quality of life of the world. With a goal providing a pain free life without shots, pills, surgery or side effects. A casual drive to his mother’s house on his birthday altered Mr. Banks’s life forever. While driving to be with family Mr. Banks found his self in a life altering car accident which nearly paralyzed him. Ultimately leaving him with a broken neck. Generally, the road to recovery is paved with pain relieving pills, shots and various alternatives that mask the pain or worse, cause addiction! Falling victim to the opioid epidemic and becoming a statistic was not an option, therefore Mr. Banks decided to use his research on holistic health and wellness to set the stage for growth. At that time the market offered a lot of pain relief products but the market did not have a large sector for pain eliminating products.   

Instead of masking the pain, Mr. Banks set out to eliminate the cause of the pain. After countless hours of research and development paired with various test trials Super Star was born. Mr. Banks chose to follow the lead of the great Dr. George Washington Carver and provide a viable holistic medium that can assist in the healing of the body from the outside in. Mr. Banks sought physical therapy to assist in recovering from the C2 fracture that was endured during that tragic night. With the assistance of his physical therapist Mr. Banks began using what we have come to know as Super Star. Super Star was only in its infant stages, but the results were phenomenal. Mr. Banks began to regain the range of motion and flexibility at a faster rate than others who were experiencing similar inflammatory related restrictions. The progression was so noticeable that the physical therapist made a life change recommended to Mr. Banks. Start a business of selling the product and provide this miracle product to others throughout the world! 

The initially emergence came to the market in the form of giving away Super Star to family and friends so they would be able to experience the extraordinary results that Mr. Banks promised. As time progressed the product development continued as well. Along with the progression of time came continued improvement.  After finding out that he was expendable Mr. Banks’s availability grew as well due in part to being laid off from his position as Driver Manager at a leading  Transportation Company. With a firm belief that all things happen for a reason. It was time for self introspection. Instead of working for someone else Mr. Banks thought to himself, he was given a revolutionary product that helped him, helped his family, and helped his friends. It was time to pursue his passion and help people all over the world. Opportunity knocked and Mr. Banks was there to answer. On an international quest for greatness Mr. Banks has travelled all over the world to spread the word about the revolutionary product called Super Star.

Today we are able to bring you Super Star which utilizes the old concept of external products such as salves and balms that have an internal affect. We used that technology, and added the highest quality natural ingredients. Modernization of Super Star has taken place by eliminating the liniment and menthol aroma that many expect, and have become accustom to with types of products. Super Star is the worlds Best Pain Eliminator. This is one of the main reasons that Super Star has been taking the world by storm. Pain sufferers from all over the world have been ditching their old methods of pain management to experience the extraordinary affects of this revolutionary product. Unlike the pills in your medicine cabinet and 90% of the pain management products Super Star works with lasting effects. Super Star stands alone in the industry. We don’t use hot and cold therapy to make you think that your pain is gone. Super Star essentials master blend of essential oils starts working on contact! We offer a specifically formulation for the two types of pain that we experience throughout life. 

One product is for Inflammatory Related Pain, and our other product offering is for Inflammatory Related Pain. Once the formula for Inflammatory Related pain is applied it begins penetrating through the dermis, epidermis, fatty tissue and continues down to the bone. It doesn’t stop there! Super Star for Inflammatory Related Pain (IRP) works to help your body stop the growth of inflammation and eliminate your pain. Imagine a life without the pain, tightness, stiffness, and soreness that has held you back from enjoying your quality of life. Super Star for Circulatory Related Pain (CRP) works to break up the calcium deposits under the feet that hinder the blood from lowing through the body at the proper rate. A daily foot massage can assist in lowering the blood pressure, removing the plaque from the cholesterol and balancing out of the insulin and glucose level in the body. Utilizing Super Star as directed will allow your body to start the natural healing process and experience a vast improvement. Super Star is the change that you have been looking for. Now you don’t have to walk around smelling like a medicine cabinet. 

With Super Star Products “You Can Feel Like A Super Star Again!”